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Legacy Boxer Rescue is always in need of volunteers. If you'd like to be involved, but you are unsure what you can do, we'd like to help you out. We have compiled this list of ways ANYONE can help. Without our volunteers, Legacy Boxer Rescue could not exist, and no matter how small or how large your contribution is, it is invaluable to us!

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So here is a list of the ways YOU can help make a difference in the life of a boxer.

  • Foster a boxer in need. LBR is always looking for quality foster homes. Please visit our Foster page to see what's involved to decide if fostering might be for you.

  • Transport a boxer being adopted or fostered. Many of our volunteers work full time jobs. Help with getting boxers to and from shelters, vets and adopt-a-boxer events is always needed and appreciated.

  • Donate beds, toys and crates. While a boxer waits for their forever family to come and adopt them they need a warm place to sleep and toys to play with.

  • Donate bowls and food. Feeding one boxer can be expensive, the costs of feeding many can be astronomical.

  • Donate a wire crate.

  • Donate leashes and collars. While waiting to be adopted the boxers will need to be walked and leash trained.

  • Donate postage stamps or long distance calling cards. The DFW Metroplex is a large area and we rely on the USPS to send many documents to our adopters and vets. Calling cards come in handy for staying in touch with volunteers out of our calling areas.

  • Give a gift certificate to a pet store so the rescue organization can get needed supplies.

  • Make a monetary donation. LBR does charge an adoption fee for our boxers, but in many instances these fees do not even come close to covering veterinary expenses. Maybe you'd like to sponsor our website ($7.50 per month) or sponsor one of our boxers that is in need of extensive medical care. In any case, your donation is ALWAYS appreciated.

  • Offer to take photos of LBR's boxers up for adoption. You can even offer to make flyers on particular dogs and post them at pet supply stores or local vet clinics.

  • Offer your professional services, if you work in an area outside of pets and can offer your expertise in the area you are trained. Maybe you are an accountant and can offer to do the tax returns or maybe a programmer that can create a web site for the organization. Just think about what job skills you have that may be of use.

  • Donate dog-related items for auctions and raffles the organization may offer.

  • Conduct a yard sale and donate the proceeds. Or simply donate garage sale items to LBR for our bi-annual garage sales.

  • Cut out coupons in the paper for dog food and treats and donate them.

  • Offer to assist in a fundraiser or other public event.

  • Take time to tell other friends and family members about the rescue organization. Many times our contacts are looking for a boxer and might not even know about boxer adoption.

  • Assist with pet adoptions. LBR can always use more positive people to help us get our boxers adopted. Pet adoptions are a great way to get our group recognized and help educate the public on the pet over-population crisis and the importance of spaying/neutering pets

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