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Saturday, July 7th

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Legacy Express--The Maiden Voyage

Friday, July 6th

Join us for a welcome home celebration tonight! We'll be meeting up at Willhoite's in Grapevine at approximately 7pm. Please ask for "Legacy Boxer Rescue" when you come in and you'll be shown to our table.

Thank you all for your support and well wishes as our volunteers, Melaney, Amy and Kim, trekked across the nation to save these boxers lives!

Thursday, July 5th

They're home, safe and sound!!

Monday, July 2nd

We've hit our goal and then some thanks to the overwhelming support of our generous donators listed on the right hand side of this page. Thank you all for all that you do for Legacy Boxer Rescue. Truly, we could not do what we do without your support, monetary or otherwise!

Today is an exciting day at LBR as our volunteers, Melaney, Amy and Kim are leaving Dallas today at 11am. They will be blogging their adventures on the way at a new blog set up just for them. Please visit their blog at:

Sunday, July 1st

We made the news! Yep, you heard right, we made the news.

Rescued boxers on the way to new homes!
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Thursday, June 29th

Legacy Boxer Rescue along with Humane Society of North Texas, Ellis County SPCA, Second Chance Boxer Rescue, Heavenly Pets Rescue and One Tail at a Time Rescue is embarking on an important journey to get boxers to safety! Special thanks to the Laske Family of Oklahoma for lending us their trailer.

Thanks to the combined volunteer efforts of these groups, we are going to make history with our first transport of boxers from Texas to the Northern States!!

For anyone that regularly visits our website, and more importantly, our "boxers in need" page, you know that over the past several months rescues in North and Central Texas have been overwhelmed by the number of boxers needing our help. With over 70 boxers currently in foster care at LBR, we're simply too full to keep up with this boxer deluge.

So, the volunteers at LBR decided to join forces with the above named organizations to transport a number of boxers to boxer rescues in the Northern states. Due to better spay/neuter laws in the northern portion of our country, these rescues are seeing fewer boxers in shelters, hence, they are able to help us out with our ever expanding problem of finding proper care for these boxers in need here in Texas.

Beginning Sunday, July 1st, 2007, we will begin readying the chosen 9 boxers for their trip North. We will be picking up the individual boxers at their current location and transporting them to our "staging area". In the staging area they will be vaccinated against Rabies, groomed and given a clean bill of health for traveling by a local vet.

On the morning of Monday, July 2nd, they begin their journey north. LBR has procured a diesel 3/4 ton pick up and well ventilated trailer for the journey, to assure these boxers are as comfortable as we can possibly make them for their journey "home".

LBR Volunteers, Melaney Munday, Amy Brown and Kim Ashley, have generously donated their time off from their actual jobs to provide the driving force behind this momentous transport effort. Never before has LBR attempted anything so radical to help boxers in need, and we are thrilled with the willingness of these other organizations to help us in our efforts. We could not do it without them.

The Legacy Express road trip will consist of over 2,880 miles round trip. There are several expenses involved as well such as truck rental and fuel. The estimated cost for the total transport is $1,500.00. LBR will be covering the costs of all expenses for this transport. And, while LBR is on a tight budget because of the 70+ boxers in our care who have recently needed some very expensive vet care, including two Femoral Head Osteotomy surgeries (for Dora and Andi), we feel that this is money well spent to save these 9 boxers.

LBR would appreciate your financial support for the Legacy Express!

Please keep an eye on this site because our transporters will be in touch with us through the entire journey and will be sending updates and pictures all along the way.

Thank you for your continued support!!

All aboard!!!!



BIG THANKS to our Donators!

  • Bobbette Chronister
  • George Burt
  • Wendy Crow
  • Dana White
  • Kathy Becton
  • Terri Davis
  • Peggy Brown-Aguilar
  • Alison White
  • Cora Timothy
  • Lori McClain
  • Nicole Tallmadge
  • Kathy Struve
  • Debra Cauble
  • Diane Shelton
  • Marc Gallant
  • Heidi Trimpe & the BeanDogs
  • Deanna Terrell & Reg Morgan
  • Donna Fallis
  • Heidi & Jason Vincent
  • Patricia Davis
  • Dan Henke
  • Shane Upchurch
  • Michael Kaufman

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